Residents Parking Garage Block 4/6/7, Rotterdam

Client: AM Wonen, Mullerpier CV
Project: parking for 150 cars
Location: Mullerpier Rotterdam
Planning: design 2004, completion 2006
Graphic design: Catalogtree
Building construction: BAM Woningbouw BV
Building design: Van Ruitenburg ABC
Building installation: Technical Consultancy BV

A residents parking garage will be built under three blocks housing a total of one hundred and three apartments on a quay in the former harbour area of Rotterdam. The garage functions as parking and store area as well as the daily entrance to the apartment building for the motorist. Therefore the garage is realised as one clearly set out space with three entrance lobbies.

The size, scale and the efficiency of the deck of an aircraft carrier are references for the design of the floor. The driving routes are optically reduced to leave wider pedestrian friendly routes. A subtle network of columns and marker dots define the proportions of a parking space, oversize numbers mark privately owned places. On this field of lines and numbers stand three entrance lobbies of coloured glass which are lit from the inside. As if illuminated by ships lanterns the soft green, orange and blue light mark the entrances to the apartment buildings above.