Mullerpier Block 3, 7 en 11

Client: AM Wonen / Mullerpier cv
Project: design and realisation of 60 apartments
Design: in co-operation with Neutelings Riedijk Architecten
Location: Mullerpier Rotterdam
Planning: design 2003-2009, realisation 2009
Building costs: 6.5 mil Euro per building
Project architect: Bureau Bouwkunde Rotterdam bv
Construction engineer: Van Ruitenburg ABC
Mechanical engineer: Technical Consultancy bv
Contractor: BAM Woningbouw bv

In a former harbour area close to the city centre of Rotterdam a jetty is being converted into a housing area. Within the urban planning scheme the new housing blocks are aligned along the quay with multi-sided orientation to the surrounding water.

Three of the blocks (block 3, 7 en 11) are developed so as to have a very wide facades of 32 by 32 metres thus creating the possibility to form real housing sculptures. By simple manipulation of a standard tunnel concrete casting system a wide range of housing typologies are designed. Occasional hollow spaces in between the housing can accommodate, for example, a swimming pool or a health club (as in block 3). The 'urban hamburgers' accommodate quay side dwellings and home office space at ground level, panorama dwellings on the middle layers and lofts on the top floors.

Their solid volume and rough facades are designed as a counterbalance to the exposed elements and the vast scale of the harbour area. The windows have a deep inlay in the dark brown-fired brickwork reminiscent of the old harbour warehouses.