Westpolder Center

Client: Amvest en Kavel vastgoed
Project: Design of 102 houses, 3.000m2 social facilities and commercial space, parking garage of 150 places, public space, city bridge and public art work
Location: Center area Westpolder Berkel en Rodenrijs
Planning: design 2007-2013, construction 2014-2015
Budget: 20 mi euro
Constructor: Zonneveld Ingenieurs
Building physics/installation: Wolf + Dikken
Costcalculation: BBN
Contractor: Van Mierlo Bouwmaatschappij

Westpolder bastion is a new area of Berkel en Rodenrijs, Lansingerland municipality, located in the south wing of the Randstad in the immediate vicinity of the large cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. Berkel Rodenrijs is originally an agricultural town with a growing number of commuters.

The character of the site is largely determined by its location in the Randstad, the Zilvergracht, a green zone and Spoorsingel. Four different spatial identities adjacent to the project area. The center is cut by a car and bicycle route that connects two neighborhoods together.

Westpolder Bolwerk is an area of predominantly family houses, some apartments and schools. The center of Westpolder Bolwerk is a comfort center. A place for doing your everyday shopping and visiting a doctor or the nursery. The center will consist of a range of basic services, including a supermarket, a bakery, liquor store, hairdresser and chemist, but also simple restaurants, a health center and a nursery. Given the center program is an abundance of parking.

The character of an neighborhood is determined by the identity of the center as the most public open space. In the same center people living in apartments and family houses with different housing requirements. And in this same shopping center and social facilities there is the need for good parking and flexibility.

A mix of desires that a balance must be designed together. It is important that not one part of the program outweighs another, but that living, amenities and public spaces together in a development is brought into balance.

The center's public outdoor areas that are clearly in their character and multiple purposes. A shopping street, which is part of the opening of the quarter, a station with shops and amenities, or a canal with houses and access routes. Multifunctional use of the same public space gives opportunity for a socially safe environment.

Bolder Westpolder work is characterized by traditional architecture. Many small buildings with brick walls and ceramic roof. The architectural ambition is to create a large building that is cut up into smaller parts. Following this, a limited library developed facades, roofs, windows and materials. By varying the basic elements create a piece-wise varied facade, with its own architectural tradition.