Client: City of Utrecht
Urban Design: i.s.m. Juurlink + Geluk
Design housing typologie: Bergen Kolpa Architects
Project: Urban Master Plan for 7000 houses and amenities in polder
Location: Rijnenburg, Utrecht
Planning: design 2010

The core task of this structure plan is the fitting in of Rijnenburg near Utrecht in the existing green and watery landscape. The ambition for Rijnenburg is not so much urban sprawl, but fit in the landscape. This is a rural residential environment added to the palette of living environments in Utrecht. First, the main structure of the area untouched. The main structure of this area is formed by the striking landscape of long streched fields separated by numerous ditches. Within this structure residential areas are built with a verry low density. Such a field has a residential density ranging from 8 to 20 dwellings per hectare. Some residential areas are built closer so that they form a neighbourhoof. The density is there from 35 to 45 dwellings per hectare. The hamlets form the anchor points of Rijnenburg.

The landscape with the typical allotment and farm ribbons remains as much in tact as possible. This will also happen by appropriate planting to what is traditionally pressent in this part of the Netherlands. Flora and fauna can survive despite the new development and creates a optertunity for a new nature.