Architecture and the City Festival San Francisco

Project: Tentoonstelling en expertmeeting Curator Tentoonstelling: Kiley Arroyo Tentoonstelling: August 31st till September 30th Expertmeeting: September 1st 2011 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Van Bergen Kolpa has been selected by the AIA San Francisco and the Center for Architecture + Design to contribute to this year's Architecture and the City festival. Along with 2012 Architects, OMA, ZUS and four offices from the Bay Area the Architecture of Consequence theme will be further explored;

"The exhibit demonstrates how progressive design and creative problem solving can be used to enhance our lives and the health of our community. Although we do not yet know what a truly sustainable future will look like, options will come from people experimenting in new and novel ways."

Joined by experts in the fields of global foresight, urban agriculture, micro-economics and environmental policy, Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott of San Francisco based IwamotoScott Architecture and Jago Van Bergen of Rotterdam based Van Bergen Kolpa Architecten will lead a discussion that examines how food and energy production can be localized. This cross-cultural dialogue, moderated by Dr. Chris Luebkeman, Director of Foresight and Insight ARUP, will examine IwamotoScott Architecture's HYDRO-NET: City of the Future, a transformative new typology of urban architecture that fosters new social spaces and urban forms and Van Bergen Kolpa Architecten's Park Supermarket, a spatial development model for a national supermarket located in the metropolitan parks of the Netherlands.