Greendeal Urban Agriculture

Client: Ministries of Agriculture and Economic affairs, Infrastructure and Envirinoment
Project: National Federation for Urban Agriculture
Location: Dutch Municipalities
Program: Urban Agriculture
Partners: Priva Horticulture, Wageningen University, Volharding finance Breda
Planning: Research 2012-2013

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Together with the Dutch Ministries of Agriculture and economic affairs, Agricultural University of Wageningen, Priva Horticulture and De Volharding Venture Capital Financing van Bergen Kolpa Architects initiated the National Federation for Urban Agriculture. The aim of the Federation is to professionalize Urban Agriculture. Urban Agriculture stimulates local economies, improves the environment and social interaction and provides food produced in and around the city. The Federation supports Urban Farmers with knowledge, finance and spatial design.

In preparation of the Federation for Urban Agriculture twelve urban agriculture initiatives where studied on various levels; spatially, programmatically, technically and economically. The projects are situated inside or on the rooftop of buildings, in the public realm of the city, around the city borders or on the outskirts of the city. Some of the projects have a temporarily status, others are permanent and deploy low-tech open field techniques or high-tech indoor techniques such as Led artificial lighting. What all projects have in common is a variety of economic activities among their urban food production. A fruit orchard combined with a restaurant, rooftop farming on top of offices or vegetable gardens with health facilities. Urban agriculture is by definition a mixed-use activity and needs to be financed in such manner. Financing Urban agriculture therefore demands a combination of both public and private resources.