Westpolder dorp

Client: Amvest en Kavel vastgoed
Project: urban planning design for 150 dwellings and 5.000m2 of facilities and commercial space
Location: centre of Westpolder, Berkel en Rodenrijs
Planning: design 2006-2007
Buildingcosts: 20 mi euro
Cost consultancy: Bouwhaven Barendrecht
Model: Martine Nederend

Westpolder Dorp is a design for a new central zone of the housing estate of Westpolder. It consists of some one hundred apartments, a supermarket and other commercial functions, and public facilities such as a care centre, a kindergarten and a social services centre. The location is close to a future Randstadrail station. The main theme of the master plan is village architecture.

The design defines a balance between residence, amenities and public space. The functional programme is distributed over six volumes of village-like proportions, which huddle close together with small, intimate open spaces between them. Each of these “houses” contains apartments combined with facilities specific to a village centre. This results in characteristic building shapes with distinct identities: the supply barn, the care yard, the play house, the market hall, the music chapel and the sports gym. The sloping, stepped facades yield spacious loggias and balconies for the apartments. The ensemble presents a conspicuous roofscape in a sea of lowrise VINEX housing.