World Expo 2015

Project: exhibition and book publication
Curators: Pippo Ciorra, Giulia Ferracci, Alessio Rosati and Alessandra Spagnoli
Location: MAXXI National museum of modern art & architecture Rome
Date: May 29th thru November 8th 2015

Van Bergen Kolpa exhibits Park Supermarket in the MAXXI National museum of modern Art & Architecture Rome during the Milan World Expo 2015; Feeding the Planet, Energy for live.

A television Broadcast with Pippo Ciorra on Italian channel TG2 can be found here.

In 2015, the year of the World Expo in Milan, MAXXI Rome presents an exhibition that focuses on every day issues related to food and nutrition that have an impact on people, their homes and the planet. The issues are addressed by the exhibition, Food from the spoon to the world, curated by Pippo Ciorra. A major project (involving 2500 square meters of exhibition space) that MAXXI devotes to food, made in collaboration with the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) and the World Food Programme of the United Nations (WFP)

Over 50 works made by artists and architects will be on view, starting with the dimension of the human body and expanding to become global: from the kitchen to the home, from the city to the region, to the world. On display, among others, are models and drawings by Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier; a mock-up of the kitchen project for the chef Thomas Keller, documentation of the performance Pig Roast by Gordon Matta-Clark, the farm of the future of Van Bergen Kolpa Architects, the installation Giant Mushroom by Carsten Holler, the video Alphabet by Mohamed Allam, and a performance realized ad hoc by the Chinese group called Yangjiang Group.