Food to Be

Project: exhibition and interviews for the Netherlands EU Presidency 2016 and its meeting for agriculture ministers
Curators: Jago van Bergen, Marije Vogelzang, Annelies Hermsen, Koert van Mensvoort, Sietske Klooster
Organisation: Food Cabinet, Helen Kranstauber
Location: STEC Endhoven
Date: May 31st thru June 5th 2016

Food is a basic necessity for every human being on earth. The way we will produce and consume our food in the future has an impact on ourselves, our environment and our society.

Food to be shows how technology and design can answer these questions. The Netherlands is one of the world's largest agricultural exporters and is internationally renowned for its technological knowledge and design talent. Therefore, the Netherlands can play an important role in the challenges of the future with its partners in the European Union.

On the basis of five themes, we explore together with leading Dutch designers how our future food system will shape.