Barendrecht Centre

Client: Municipality of Barendrecht
Project: restructuring, structure vision for 500 dwellings, 15,000 m2 facilities and commercial space and 800 parking places.
Design: in cooperation BVR Adviseurs
Location: Centre of Barendrecht
Schedule: design 2007-2008

Commisioned by the Municipality of Barendrecht we developed with BVR adviseurs a structure vision (a preliminary master plan) for the town centre of Barendrecht. The structure vision focuses on the balance between housing, commercial facilities and public space. The centre is spatially conceived as a characteristic area with a distinct identity, determined by its situation between the old village kernel and Park Buitenoord. To amplify this character, the margins of the area are strengthened, while the centre is opened up by a new central market square.

The new market square conveys the new image of Barendrecht, and forms a conspicuous entrance to the centre with its ribbon of shops on the old dyke. Grouped around the square are residences which enjoy a first-class view of the market and of the changing events that take place there. The margins of the area are renewed by the addition of apartment buildings with collective gardens, which contain amenities such as a small swimming pool or fitness centre.

The growing demand for further commercial space is met by a back-to-back building concept. Combined home/work units turn the logistic backs of the shopping ribbon into new, commercially vibrant fronts. Parking facilities are partly underground, below the level of the old dyke. Public and cultural amenities such as the theatre and a new music school will cluster around the existing Town hall and a new water fountain. The green residential surroundings of the area on the south-west of the centre are enhanced by the renovation and addition of houses for the middle and higher market segments. Finally, the care amenities can expand into the park like residual areas east of the centre.