IJ-Mast televisiontransmitter, Amsterdam

Client: Nozema (the Netherlands Broadcasting Transmission Company)
Project: 350m2 mechanical services and equipment space, 150mtr transmitter mast
Location: Aambeeldweg, Amsterdam Noord.
Planning: design 2001-2003, construction 2004-2005
Construction engineer mast foot: Royal Haskoning bv Rotterdam,
Construction engineer mast: VW Netwerk Bouw Apeldoorn
Contractor: VDR Bouw Deventer
Building costs: 2.4 mi euro

This 150-metre-tall television transmitter is to be built in north Amsterdam. Its aerials sit atop a massive concrete clad foot in which the services are to be integrated. The concrete will be poured in-situ using ribbed formwork, giving a measure of aesthetic refinement to the facing. It also has a practical purpose internally. The use the outside air to cool the cooling water of the transmitting equipment in a natural process. This has a favourable effect on the building's energy balance.

The whole is physically articulated to express the programmes and ranges of the various aerials. It also takes account of its visibility from different perspectives and at different times during the day. At night its top will glow like a magic wand in the sky above north Amsterdam.